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Christine Schiavo is a New York City born and based multi-media artist working with photography, film, video, sound, projected light and installation. She is a world-builder and a storyteller, gleaning from everyday events, visions, sounds and interactions and transforming them into abstractions, re-invented environments and tableaux through an imaginative, re-rendering of what she experiences in her subconscious mind. In her film and photography work, she often constructs site-specific installations within existing environments enhancing the scene with paint, drawing, props and projections to create temporal worlds and tableaux intended for photographic series, performance or experimental film. In her film and sound work, the viewer will find rich layers of collected sound and imagery that builds into a catalogue of dream-like memories and events evoking time moving swiftly past us. Her work often stirs up childhood memories and adult longings leaving the viewer both exhilarated for an unknown future and a desire to retrieve the past. Schiavo mostly chooses not to use digital image making methods or post-production digital manipulation in her work, instead choosing to source the extensive knowledge of her medium through experimentation and invention to attain her striking, hyper-real imagery. 
Chris Schiavo's work is in the photography collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, the Museum of Modern Art, NY, the Buhl Foundation and many noted private collections and art institutions. 
She has just completed "The Passenger", an extensive surreal and experimental cellphone-ography series of photographs and short films shot in the NYC public transit systems including the subways, above ground rails, airports and ferries.
She is co-founder and visual director of the NYC based COC Opera and involved with various theater and music collaborations.
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